Training with a focus on polymer technology without a university entrance qualification

The training programs that do not require a university entrance qualification focus mainly on students in the age groups of 14 and older.

Apprenticeship in Austria:
Two apprenticeship trades convey the relevant understanding of the material and how it is processed. The apprenticeship trade of plastics moulding offers a 3-year apprenticeship with a qualification as a skilled tradesman.
The 4-year apprenticeship in plastics technology is the basis for the Masters qualification or vocational matriculation.
An overview of companies offering apprenticeships is available from the Austrian chambers of commerce (WKO).
Additionally, vocational matriculation qualifies graduates for university entrance.

Slovenia: Higher vocational schools
Slovenia does not currently offer a training program in the form of vocational schools for polymer materials and technologies or similar content.

Austria: Higher Technical College (HTC):
Austria's HTCs offer a 5-year study course comprising theoretical and practical elements; graduates qualify for university entrance. Three years' experience in the trade qualifies practitioners to heold the professional title of "engineer".

Here in Styria, the HTC Kapfenberg is the HTC for plastics and environmental technology. The HTC Wolfsberg in Carinthia maintains a specialist HTC department for mechatronics.

In general, the Higher Technical Colleges also offer block courses in addition to full-time study courses if there is sufficient demand and necessity.

Training in Slovenia

There is currently no secondary training program specifically for the field of polymer materials and processing technologies. However, students do have an opportunity to become acquainted with polymer materials within the framework of an elective module during the 3rd year of key stage 5 in the technical training program for chemical technicians at the Higher Training College for Chemistry, Electrotechnology and Computer Engineering in Celje.



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