Training courses with an emphasis on polymer technology & science with a university entrance qualification or vocational matriculation

The following options are open to school graduates with a university entrance qualification or a professional qualification in plastics technology and vocational matriculation:

Study course in Polymer Engineering & Science:

The Department for Polymer Engineering & Science at Montanuniversität in Leoben has six professorships and offers a full-time study course over 2 levels: the 7-semester basic training course for Bachelors (BSc) in plastics technology is followed by a 3-semester advanced Masters study course (MSc) for plastics technologies

Masters graduates at Montanversität Leoben may also complete their doctorate to qualify as Dr.mont.

The study course in Polymer Engineering & Science at the Montanuniversität has a history of more than 40 years. This long-standing experience in a relatively young discipline conveys both theoretical and very application-oriented knowledge to students in the fields of plastics chemistry, plastics processing, injection moulding, processing of composite materials, designing with plastics and composite materials, as well as materials science and plastics assessment. Study courses are supplemented by a six-month period of compulsory practical experience to be completed within the scope of the study course. It enables students to expand their practical professional experience in different areas of application.

 The Institute for the Chemical Technology of Materials at TU Graz conveys basic knowledge in the field of polymer chemistry as a part of the study courses in Technical Chemistry and Advanced Materials.

VSTP: Polymer Technology Collegein Slovenj Gradec – this officially recognised private institution was established in response to Slovenia's fast-growing economy, in particular in the field of plastics technology.

The entire spectrum of polymer technology can only be studied at the Polymer Technology College (VŠTP); certain disciplines are, however, included as a part of study courses at the departments of other Slovenian universities.  VŠTP offers a professional basic study course in polymer technology. The study course lasts 3 years and has a value of 180 Credit Points (ECTS). Elective modules are offered during the 3rd year: polymers, tool design and construction, and management.  The study course is available as both a full-time course and a block-release course for students in employment. Block release students in central Slovenia can participate in study course units held at the Technology Park in Ljubljana (Brdo). The full-time study course is free of charge; block release students are required to pay a fee. The study course is very practice-oriented and consists to one half of laboratory exercises, internships or practical experience.



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