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logo_materialscluster.pngMaterials Cluster Styria (MCS) was founded in 2001 as a fusion of companies producing, refining and processing materials; service providers and research institutions also count among the MCS partners.
The scope ranges from research and development to base material manufacturers to users and spans all material sub-groups from plastics, ceramics and glass to building materials.
Our partners bring their respective potential to our research, development and production processes. Of course, the network does not only include small-to-medium-sized businesses and international corporations but also academic and non-academic research facilities, where reputable scientists devote themselves to the issues of material sciences. It is further supplemented by clearly structured competence centers to form a multi-faceted network that serves the exchange of knowledge and the creative discussion of innovation.
The development of existing and new materials is a classic cross-functional task; the material sciences therefore need this interdisciplinary discussion and cooperation between universities and businesses. Materials Cluster Styria therefore sees its task in networking people so they can exchange ideas. Furthermore, the Cluster also wants to improve the image of the material sector, engage in marketing at an international level and promote research and development.
The Materials Cluster credo is simple yet ambitious: The ideas of today are the materials of tomorrow.

Project role

As described in the preceding, Materials Cluster Styria promotes networking and the exchange of information between companies and research facilities in the material sector.

The PolyRegion Project will also see an expansion of the Cluster's core region of Styria; MCS will include polymer processing companies from the Carinthia region in the project.
Additionally, MCS will support partners who are preparing to analyse the current state and the needs of Austrian businesses and will coordinate the derived project initiatives on the Austrian side.


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Project manager
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