PolyMetal: New Demonstrator Samples produced

In order to test different materials, including those developed and compounded at FTPO within the project PolyMetal, the partners decided to create a demonstrator tool.
After considering some proposals, the project partners agreed on small plates on which the PolyMetal project logo, the Interreg SI AT program logo and a map with points for the location of the project partners in the target area Slovenia/Austria are presented, as kind of a "promotion tool" for our project.
As tests with the conventional standard sample plates with different roughness that were used until now, showed that the surface had a strong influence on the haptic properties including the feeling temperature, the partners decided to create three different inserts with different surface roughness also for the demonstrator tool. This allows to investigate the influence of different fillers or filler rates to the surface. Partner Hiebler did the tool design in coordination with the partners and manufactured the tool inserts.

On 15th of October 2020 the partners PolyMetal_Tool_inserts_demonstrator.jpgHiebler (Stefan) and PCCL (Roman) met with FTPO in Slovenj Gradec. Stefan brought the new demonstrator tool inserts with three different surface roughness with him. 

With these new inserts sample parts with different versions of PP with 50% of BN were processed on the injection moulding machine of FTPO.

injection_moulding_of_demonstrator.png  PolyMetal_demonstrator.jpg 






The partners were pleased that the new tool inserts work well.
PolyMetal demonstrator samples:


You see Maja (FTPO) , Stefan (Hiebler), Roman (PCCL), Silvo and Teja (FTPO) with injection moulded PolyMetal demonstrator samples in the lab of FTPO.




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